Health Care Services in Mandsaur

Mandsaur is the administrative headquarters of Mandsaur District. The health facilities in Mandsaur are adequate as per UDPFI guidelines. The statistics shows the city has adequate health facilities including doctors, hospitals, blood banks, chemist shops and more. Mandsaur has both government hospitals and private hospitals. The city provides its citizens with all types of health facilities.

Health in Mandsaur

The city has a team of skilled doctors and nurses. You can also find sufficient clinics, pathology labs, and x ray centers that take care of the health care needs of the citizens. The city not only provide allopathic treatment to its citizens but also has a good facility of Ayurveda and homeopathy treatment.

Health Care Infrastructure in Mandsaur

Health Care Infrastructure in Mandsaur

Mandsaur has seen a growth in its health care facilities in recent times. There are around 15 private hospitals/nursing homes in the city and 1 government hospital. The city has an equally good facility of Ayurveda and homeopathy. The civil hospital is well maintained and cater to the health care needs of the citizens of the city. The city is equipped with a good ambulance service. The ambulance service in Mandsaur is well maintained. There are many government and private hospitals and nursing homes in the city. Patients from nearby areas also come to these hospitals and other private nursing homes for their treatment.

Government Health Care Services in Mandsaur

Doctors in Mandsaur

There is one government civil hospital in Mandsaur. The civil hospital though is well equipped with all the medical instruments . The civil hospital is of high importance as it not only serves the people of Mandsaur but also the neighboring region. The hospital is visited by approximately 650 to 700 OPD patients and 80 to 100 in-house patients every day. On an average 75 to 80 percent cases that come to the hospital are of malaria, diarrhea and vomiting. There are 450 beds in the hospitals which are taken care by a team of around 16 doctors, 32 nurses and 62 paramedical staff.

Government District Hospital Mandsaur

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Mandsaur

Mandsaur good number of private hospitals. These hospitals aims to provide quality patient care to all of their patients. Precise skills interwoven with modern Surgical technology offer highly specialized diagnostic and therapeutic service to the people of Mandsaur. Since the city does not have many government hospital facility, these hospitals play a vital role in the health care of Mandsaur. The hospitals of Mandsaur are equipped with latest hospital software including surveillance cameras, electronic attendance register and many more latest devices.
Nursing Homes in Mandsaur
These hospitals aim to provide quality control of treatment and a full satisfaction of patients of all departments. Most of these hospitals of Mandsaur have well equipped pathology labs and blood banks. They also aim to bring world class Surgical facilities within the reach of a common-man of Mandsaur. Some of these hospitals cover a large spectrum of Surgical specialties at one place. Some of the private hospitals in Mandsaur are Shantiraj hospital, Shukla Nursing home, RK Hospital, Patidoor hospital etc.

Pamnani Hospital & Research Center
Address: Railway Station Road, Mandsaur H O, Mandsaur - 458001
Phone: +(91)-7422-222100, 400500

Patidoor Hospital
Address: Sanjeet Road, Mandsaur City, Mandsaur - 458002
Phone: +(91)-9893898285

Shantiraj Hospital
Address: Station Road, Mandsaur H O, Mandsaur - 458001
Phone: +(91)-9893074467
+(91)-7422-406001, 221603, 221604

Ayurveda in Mandsaur

Mandsaur has 1 government Ayurveda hospital and about 20 private Ayurveda clinic appointing 4 doctors in government hospital and 20 doctors for private hospitals. There are also Ayurveda research and training centers in Mandsaur. One can also find number of homeopathic clinic in this part of Madhya Pradesh. Day by day many number of homeopathic clinic is increasing. These Homeopathy hospitals in Mandsaur have well trained doctors to give high quality treatment. DR.Mukesh Kumawat, Raj Homoeopathic Clinic, Patidar Homoeo Clinic and Sanjivani Homeo Clinic are prominent homeopathy centers in Mandsaur.

Baba Ramdev Patanjali Arogya Kendra
Address:   58, Stadium Market, Mandsaur- 458001
Mobile:  9301910525,

Medical Stores in Mandsaur

Mandsaur Medical Facilities

Mandsaur has many medical shops which cater to the medical needs of people of Mandsaur. Some of these shops operate till late night. Certified from competent authority they sell genuine medicines and other life saving drugs. There are also allopathic, ayurveda and homeopathy medical shops in Mandsaur. Medical stores in Mandsaur not only supply medicines but also many supplement food also. Apart from medicianl products like tablets, syrups one can also purchase crape bandages, pain relief balms, spray and disposal syringes.

Central Medical Stores
Address- 10, Civil Hospital Road, Mandsaur - 458001
Phone Number- 07422-406523

Anand Medical Stores
Address- Sitamau, District-Mandsaur,(M.P), Sitamau, Mandsaur - 458990
Phone Number- 09893437723

Rajendra Medical Store
Address- Nai Abadi,Opp. Civil Hospital, Mandsaur City, Mandsaur - 458002
Phone Number- 09425368828

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