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Temples in Mandsaur

Mandsaur is a city of historic and spiritual importance. The history of Mandsaur is dates back to Mahabhartha period. Inscriptions have been discovered in near vicinity of the town indicating the erection of sun temple in 437 AD. There are number of remains that are discovered from Mandsaur belonging to Hinduism and Jainism. People here celebrate all the festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm. The most famous temple in Mandsaur is Pashupatinath Temple. A lot of people from all around the country visit Pashupatinath temple on the annual fest time. Other important temples in this part of Madhya Pradesh are Taxakeshawar temple and Nalcha mata temple.

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple in MandsaurPashupatinath Temple is the most famous temple in Mandsaur. The temple is dedicated to lord Pashupatinath, which is the other name of Lord Shiva. The temple is located on the banks of river Shivna. The main idol of the temple is a treat to watch. The composed and enlighten idol of lord Shiva is made up of glowingly, dark, smooth, coppery fiery rock-block. The famous shrine has 4 doors on each directions. The entrance is made through the door facing west. The highlight of the temple is the meticulous Shiv Linga. The Shiva Linga weighs around 4665kgs, and its the dimensions are 2.5 x 3.2 metres. It is believed that on Monday the famous Shiva Linga emerged from waters of holy river Shivna. Hence Mondays are considered auspicious and are treated a bit different from other days of the week. It was only on a Monday after 21 years, 5 months and 4 days the statue has incarnated. The day the idol was incarnated is celebrated every year as a Mela. There is festivity around the temple during this period. The face of Lord Shiva facing west is fearful image of Lord Shiva. The head of the Idol has a its hair tied as a bun with poisonous snakes. On the top of the temple, there is 100 kg gold plated pitcher. On the monsoons the water level of river Shivna rises and the touches the famous Shiva Linga. This phenomenon is treated auspicious and is named "Jalaabhishek".

Taxakeshawar Temple

Temples in MandsaurTaxakeshawar temple is located on the Hinglajgarh road is of great historic and religious importance. The temple is dedicated to serpent king Taxak. Here the serpent king is worshiped as Taxakeshawar. He is known to the local crowd as Takhaji. The temple dates back to 12th century. It is the only temple with an idol of serpent king Taxak. The idol has seven serpent hoods with a human head in one hand. On the either sides of the taxak are his wife and his son. A grand fair is organized on every purnima of baisakh month of Hindu Calendar. The statue of Dhanvantari is installed in front of the main idol. There is also a statue of lord Shiva in the temple compound. There is also a natural water pool in the temple. It has many varieties of fishes. The water pool gets the water from a hot water spring falling from a height of 200ft and river Takhali.

Nalcha Mata Temple

Nalcha mata temple is at a distance of 3 kms from Pashupatinath temple. It is dedicated to Nalcha mata. It is a famous temple in Mandsaur. A sense of divinity could be felt in the temple.

Other Famous Temples in Mandsaur

Some other temples in Mandsaur are listed below, though not very famous but people of Mandsaur have complete belief in these temples.

Hanuman Mandir
Address- Near Telia taalab

Hanuman Mandir
Address- Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Jain Mandir
Address- Nayapura, Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Shri Shani Maharaj Mandir
Address- Khanpura , Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Sai Mandir
Address- Multanpura,Mandsaur,

Maharaj ka Math
Address- Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Ram Bhakt Mandir
Address- Jain Colony , Temple
Khilchipura, Mandsaur,

Temple Joona Mahadev
Address- Temple Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Vasita Dhobi Samaj Shri Ram Mandir
Address- Temple Khilchipura, Mandsaur

Shiv Mandir
Address- Dhikola, Mandsaur

Temple Panchmukhi Hanumanji
Address- Khilchipura, Mandsaur

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